Welcome to 2019…


I hope that you all had a magical festive season with your loved ones and I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2019.

Congratulations to all the couples who got engaged over the festive season, such an exciting time embarking on the new adventure together of being engaged and planning your dream wedding day.

Some of you may have been engaged for a while and are full into wedding planning mode and now your attention is being turned to the all important item that is Your Dream Wedding Dress.

Regardless of whether you are just newly engaged or getting married in 2019, 2020 or indeed 2021 I thought I would share with you a few useful tips in regards to planning your wedding dress shopping experience:

The first tip is to have started planning your wedding which may seem a bit obvious. It is easier to think about your dress once you have a date set, a venue and a theme thought out. For example if you are getting married on a beach in 2021 this may influence the type of gown you go for and when you start shopping. You may want the gown to be airy and light to cope with the heat as a ballgown may not work as well with your venue or your beach wedding theme.

Second tip is to set your wedding dress budget. Always remember to include the price of your alterations, shoes and accessories such as veils and tiaras. Once you know what your budget is it then it is time for tip number three.

Third tip is to do your research. Check out boutiques in your area by looking at their websites and social media including their reviews. Always check their reviews, most shops would have reviews and if they are not public on social media ask yourself why. Also check out what designers they have and if their dresses fall within your budget. Often dress prices are not published on websites but most shops should have a guideline price and an array of some of the dresses they hold in stock. This will help you work out and action tip number four.

Last but not least book your appointments as far in advance as possible for any shops you have liked whilst doing your research. The majority of shops only work on an appointment basis. To guarantee that we give you our undivided attention and an exclusive consultation we only work by appointment and we already have a few appointments booked six months in advance so book as soon as you can to get the date and time that you want.

Hope you have found these few tips useful and I hope that we can help you Say Yes to Your Dream Dress at The Bridal Boutique and become a Bridal Boutique Bride in 2019.

Much love

Claire x

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